Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please boycott the sponsors of Fox News.

A few weeks ago, blog buddy Karen Zipdrive put up a post listing the general sponsors of the Fox News Channel and asking her readers to boycott these companies. A few days later, I did the same. Here is the list, which will also be on my sidebar, at the top or near it.

Crest Whitestrips ...|||... Delphi ...|||... Mercedes Benz ...|||... Comcast ...|||... Subaru
GMC Suv's ...|||... Best Buy ...|||... Travelocity ...|||... Capzasin ...|||... New Phase
Orbitz ...|||... ...|||... ...|||... Dawn ...|||... Toyota ...|||... Centrum
Nextel ...|||... ...|||... Gold Bond ...|||... Aspercreme ...|||...
American Express ...|||... Holiday Inn Express ...|||... M Professional ...|||...

To my mind, if a boycott doesn't actually change the buying patterns of the people boycotting, it doesn't really count. I decided to pull the plug on Comcast cable, the only product on this list which I actually use. I'm going to miss having TV, but there are other options like Hulu and other websites, and I can rent stuff on Netflix.

Here is the e-mail I sent to Comcast.

I am canceling my Comcast account. You advertise on Fox News Channel, which contributes to a climate that accepts political murder, including the death of Dr. George Tiller. Fox will not change their ways until advertisers start taking their business elsewhere.

I am advocating the boycott of all Fox News general advertisers, including your company.

They sent back a form letter saying that my letter would be forwarded to through the proper channels. There is a strong possibility no one at Comcast will ever see it, though once when I wrote a Comcast Sucks post, there was a reply in the comments from someone from the company.

Again, people are getting killed because of the political hatred in this country, and the ones that make the news are right wingers killing liberals. While it isn't murder being advocated, Brain Kilmeade, one of the pinheads on the Fox morning show was yapping about a report that said married people are less likely to get Alzheimer's than single folks, and he said it didn't count in the U.S. because we intermarry "with other races and species", so our blood isn't pure like the Finns or the Swedes. His example was that in this country, the Irish marry the Italians. The last time I checked, they both count as the same race, and I'm rock solid certain they are the same species.

I think even people who work on Fox News are the same species as the rest of us, though if they aren't, that would explain a lot.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Holiday Inn is the only one on the list I use because I have a discount card. No more. I just sent them a letter telling them my company books at Motel 6.

namastenancy said...

I printed out your list and now keep in my my purse to remind me what not to buy. The grape boycott was eventually successful in improving the lot of farm workers - maybe this boycott will eventually work as well.
I am not so sure that the nuts on Faux Neuz are the same species as the rest of us. I suspect that a diet of poisonous lies alters your brain cells. Or something.

Matty Boy said...

Z & M: Good for you.

Nancy: Good way to keep track of the info.

dguzman said...

Thanks, Matty--I'm in.

Also--I think we all need to start referring to the "right-wing media bias" etc. I'm sick of this "liberal media" lie.

BobManDo said...

Matty Boy, you may see a jump in hits in the past 7 hours since I commented on the Daily Show post on Huffpost using this link Last I looked at my stats, 77 people clicked the link. -BobManDo

BobManDo said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, this was to see your list of Faux news advertisers.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Bob. I've been away from teh computer most of the day, but earlier I did see the spike in visitors and your link on HuffPo.

Thanks again.