Friday, July 3, 2009

Random 10, 7/3

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Gene Pitney
A Spasso Per Roma Nino Rota
Pearls Sade
Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel
Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
Endlessly Neil Sedaka
Let's Start a Rumour The Wonders of Science
The Flying Dutchman Raphael Boguslav
Reconsidering Our Love Matthew Hubbard and Michael Dresbach

Getting next to no love from The You Tubes this week, with a paltry four of ten tunes found on the website. The last song and the song in the number eight slot, well, it can't be helped. If those songs were on The You Tubes, they would only be there because Padre Mickey or I put them there. Then there's some obscure tune by the One True Living Elvis, a song from Neil Sedaka, who is NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame though he clearly should be, and a song off of an album from fifty years ago by Raphael Boguslav where the number of extant copies probably numbers in the dozens, if that many.

So what can I do? What I decided to do was put up the screen capture of Anita Ekberg from the giant woman movie The Temptation of Doctor Antonio, directed by Federico Fellini. The Nino Rota piece is from the soundtrack. Longtime readers might recognize the picture from two years ago in the post when I came out of the giant woman closet. It's been a couple months since I put up any content for My People and Our Agenda, so I thought do a little something before I risked getting drummed out of the Internet Weirdo Guild, one of the few Internet guilds where I meet all the criteria for membership.


Bobmando said...

I couldn't find "The Temptation of Doctor Antonio" on Netflix but did find the relevent part of the movie on Youtube. Too bad that I am mono-lingual. :-(

Matty Boy said...

Hey, Bob. The movie is called Boccaccio 70 and it's available on Netflix. There are four films in an anthology, and the Fellini entry is the second.

It comes with subtitles or dubbed, so mono-linguality, sometimes known as Americanism, is not a problem.