Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things are definitely moving...

and from the look of things, they are moving in the right direction.

For the first few months of the new administration and Congress, the question was when are we going to see a difference from the past few years.

We've got the answer. July will be different. Really different.

We have a Supreme Court nominee who isn't a member of the Federalist Society, that weird fringe group that believes the president should have way more authority than the Constitution grants.

There's a climate change bill and a health care bill.

Heck, there's 100 senators, 60 of whom caucus with the Democrats and one is named Al Franken!

Republicans, who have earned their status as a super minority, are talking about Sarah Palin as a leader and listening to Pat Buchanan, who thinks it makes sense to insult the growing constituency of Hispanics to score some points with "the base".

Seriously, does no one notice that the Republican base is shrinking? All these wedge issues are chipping away at the base, not adding conservative Democrats and independents to the cause. More than that, the demographics mean that the Republicans will still be able to rule backwater areas like Oklahoma and Utah, but any place with a few actual cities are turning away from the policies.

We still have to see an exit strategy from Iraq. We need some real political progress in the theocratic backwaters that are supposed to be on our side, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

What the hell, let's go nuts and hope for political progress in theocratic backwaters like Oklahoma and Utah while we're at it!

But I have to say, I'm starting to have some hope, and that's a big change from the years 2001 to 2008.


Margaret Benbow said...

My older son has a T-shirt that shows Obama standing nobly on a high hill in Superman gear, hands on hips and cape flying in the wind, and for my money that T-shirt gets it right. I love what our president is doing.

dguzman said...

And he still has another 3+ plus years to go!

Tara Mobley said...

Maybe when the Republicans are gone we'll develop a conservative party that isn't reactionary. Or maybe the Democrats will become the conservative party and we'll develop an actual liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Sessions has summed up the Republican future for me and it's even more pathetic than I realized. Imagine a KKK figure like him, rejected as a federal judge by the same committee he now sits on (20 years ago) accusing Sotomayer of reverse discrimination. What balls!

namastenancy said...

From your mouth to the ear of the Goddess! May it BE SO! I am almost afraid to hope but sometimes, when I sneak a peak at the world outside my window, I feel my heart lift a bit more.

Utah Savage said...

Finally someone noticed that Utah is a backwater. And yes, I'm happy to see that the republicans seem intent on becoming the party of hard right and stupid bigotry. Shall they ever shrink and shrivel.

Nice post. My President is making me very proud. I have heard much criticism of him for not doing enough of this or that. I say, "Have a little patience. He's heading in the correct direction. He's keeping campaign promises as fast as he can."

Distributorcap said...

i guess you wont host a tea party?

watching most of the sotomayor hearings was quite an earful - i know i am biased, but trying to take a step back - jeff sessions, lindsay graham and john cornyn really dont quite see how despicable they really are.

i work next to three hispanic women (My tree Wise Latinas) - nothing made them more proud than the way Sonia handled herself.

i dont like all the things obama is doing - but i like his attitude, his style, his energy and his committment - and we can go somewhere on that