Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blogger summit in Santa Rosa

Longtime blog buddy dguzman, whom I first encountered on the World Wide Web as a fellow commenter on Princess Sparkle Pony, recently moved to Northern California with her roommate Matty (no relation), so it was clear that a summit meeting had to follow. She lives up in Rohnert Park, which is close to where my sister ¡Karlacita! lives, so I drove up and the three of us had lunch together, though I ordered off the breakfast menu, just to be difficult.

We had lunch in Santa Rosa at the East West Restaurant, and a good time was had by all. Many were the topics of conversation, from the nuts and bolts of blogging to Joss Whedon to the state of higher edumacation to the nature of the sunlight of California.

Here is the Large Silverback Blogger, native to California, welcoming the more nomadic breed Blogista Dguzman to the sunny climes.

Do you see the profiles of ¡Karlacita! and dguzman, or do you see the silhouette of a vase? Careful, gentle reader, for the eyes can deceive!

While there were no spirits stronger than water with lemon slices were imbibed at the lunch, it may have been ¡Karlacita!'s natural whimsy or perhaps fumes from the denizens of the park across the street from the restaurant that caused the ghost of Hermione Gingold as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn to inhabit my sister for a few minutes, and she insisted that we take artistic pictures of an uplifting nature.

One grecian urn!

To see more pictures of this uplifting artistic style, visit Delia's blog, why don'tcha?

Thanks to both my lunchtime companions. I had a great time.


Fran said...

I am speechless...

Matty... Delia... Karlacita - and Grecian urns.

Seriously jealous but delighted for you all. Looks like an amazingly great meet up!!

(did you ever notice that my version of speechless includes many words?)

Karlacita! said...

Two Grecian Urns!!!

WV is pings!

Margaret Benbow said...

Love those profiles, and also, everybody wore a very cool shirt!

Fran said...

I am a bit obsessed with all of your photos.

Is this stalking?

Don't answer that!

dguzman said...

What a great time I had! Thanks for the bookend. I'll link to you too, and then you can link back, and it'll be that photo that PSP always posts of the guy looking in the mirror, looking in the mirror, looking in the mirror...