Sunday, August 23, 2009

Frank the Tank update, pre-season week two, and a new feature

Here are two words no man ever wants to see in the same sentence: groin injury.

Former Laney running back Frank The Tank Summers missed the Steelers second pre-season game with that combination of words I will not type a second time in one post.

Here's two more words a football player trying to get on a team never want to see typed in the same sentence: undrafted rookie.

Frank looked good on blocks in the first game, but the guy he was blocking for was undrafted rookie Isaac Redman, who scored two touchdowns in the first pre-season game. Redman's line in the second game was not as impressive, but at least he suited up.

Here's hoping Frank can bounce back for the game next Saturday against the Bills.

My nephew Adam has invited me to join a fantasy football league. The draft is this evening. This means I now can obsess over the stats of players I barely realized existed on teams I normally wouldn't watch on TV.

So, besides following the fate of Frank the Tank playing Reality Football throughout the season, you will also be regaled with tales of the exploits of the Mutant Mercenaries, a start-up franchise in the CantonBulldogs09 fantasy football league on Yahoo!

Because as everyone knows, I don't obsess over long lists of meaningless statistics nearly enough.

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¡Karlacita! said...

I would say something here, but I'm playing Farm Town, Farmville, and Yoville on FaceBook, so I have no credibility in the area of obsessive gaming!