Monday, August 10, 2009

Highlight Reel™ for Joss Whedon: Firefly and Serenity

The people have spoken and Joss Whedon has a Highlight Reel™! The voters are much keener on Firefly, the space Western Fox TV gave up on before 13 episodes were aired. Included in this selection was Serenity, the movie spin-off of the show. The handsome and interesting cast from left to right are:

Morena Baccarin (sigh)
Summer Glau
Alan Tudyk
Sean Maher
Jewel Staite
Nathan Fillion
Ron Glass
Adam Baldwin
Gina Torres (another different sigh)

Another poll will be opened this weekend.


CDP said...

Well, I know that Ms. Guzman had nothing to do with that outcome.

Matty Boy said...

I had something to do with it, but it still surprises me. This is the show with the shortest run and the most devoted fans.

I think ths only proves that none of my regular readers work for the programming department of Fox television.

dguzman said...

Thank you, CDP! I did NOT have anything to do with this poll; otherwise, I'd have somehow figured out a way to vote for Buffy about 157 times and blasted everything else out of the water. In fact, I'm watching "Selfless" (Buffy, Season 7) as I type!

I never watched Firefly, and though I love Nathan Fillion, I still would've stuffed the ballot box for my Buffy.

Justin Abbasi said...

the next season of dollhouse will be amazing, just you (all those people who didn't vote for dollhouse) wait.

Matty Boy said...

Hi, Justin! Thanks for stopping by. My impetus for putting up this poll was the purchase of the first season of Dollhouse on DVD, which is currently on loan to my sister Karlacita!

I have also been remiss in not mentioning that my adopted actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has a pivotal role in the movie Serenity, which I am sure many of the folks who voted are already aware of.