Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The indoor critters of the Rose household.

I spent the past few days enjoying the hospitality of the Rose family, my longtime friends Ken and Mishell and their kids, Coral, Nick and Nate. I'm just getting used to photoblogging, so I'm graduating from buildings to animals, and will eventually get to taking pictures of people. (I took pictures of people at the wedding under the influence of alcohol, so that doesn't quite count.)

The eldest of teh Rose kittehs, the dark and mysterious Brain, spends his time away from the others, watching, plotting, sharing his secret plans with his only true friend, the green kitteh toy.

And then there is Bug, a regal beast. What kind of people would give such a lovely creature a disrespectful name?

Bug loves affection, or at least the concept of affection. Here, Bug was lying on the bed in the guest room, demanding acknowledgement from the interloping guest. After a few scratches behind the ear, Bug moved away from the affection. Both parties held their ground, but when the visitor got closer to continue the petting, Bug bolted from the room.

He bugged. Hence the name.

The slightly cross-eyed Siamese is T.J., short for Toejam. T.J. will roll over by standing up and falling backward, at which time he will expect a display of affection for this trick I've never seen any other cat perform.

The very pretty redhead is the youngster Houdini a.k.a. Dini. Dini has a purr like a tribble. At first I thought he might have some tribble DNA in his background, but my latest hypothesis is that he's just a skilled impressionist.~

Dini is getting older, but he is still assumed to be prime suspect if any evidence of feline mischief is found.~

So unfair. Or is it?

Coral's boyfriend brought over a wobbly two day old lamb to the house as a visitor. Much was the oohing and awwing over the little one by the human contingent of the Rose household. Houdini took on this attitude that seemed to ask, "That's like a wildebeest, right? I'm supposed to hunt this guy, yeah?"~

No injuries were reported.~

Thanks again to all the Roses for their hospitality during my stay.


sfmike said...

Why don't you have a cat? I'm getting one delivered by a lesbian from Oakland day after tomorrow. She raised a litter of feral kittens that were born under her doorstep, got them shots and has given them away free to homes she approves of, so I hope we pass the test. We're getting the last one, an orange tabby dude.

dguzman said...


Karlacita! said...

Matthew, listen to SFMike: you needz a kitteh!

Matty Boy said...

I will take the advice of those who clearly have my best interests at heart under advisement, but I'm worried that my housekeeping skillz are so bad, the kitteh will turn out to be allergic to me.

Mainebob said...

Matty Boy, This will help with your decision making: "Simon's Cat FlyGuy"
Catlovers will really love the details and great sound effects.