Monday, August 31, 2009

No love for J.J. Abrams

Any poll on an internet website has what is known in the statistics biz as self-selection bias, so it cannot be relied upon to reflect the views of the general public.

What can be said is that the refined and sophisticated people who regularly read Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do either can't be bothered registering an opinion about the TV career of writer J.J. Abrams or if they do, most dislike his work intensely.

Did I mention the readers of this blog are refined and sophisticated? Yes, I believe I did.


CDP said...

Yes, we are. I didn't vote because I haven't seen any of his work.

Matty Boy said...

I did make it through about two season of Lost on DVD, which means spending many hours looking at Evangeline Lilly, which is certainly not a hardship, but other than that, I'd like the time back, thank you very much.

namastenancy said...

I voted for Lost but with reservations. He starts well but then, all of his work sort of drifts off without a strong ending. So far, the first two seasons of Lost are the best. After that, they got ...well, lost but it did pick up last season. However, you need a crib sheet to keep up with all the plot twists and turns. There's one actor - the guy who plays Ben who makes the series worth watching. He's about the best of the bunch but he's nowhere as pretty as Evangeline Lily.