Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pater Familias and I in agreement.

This is another photo from the folder of keepsakes my mom left me, a picture of me bouncing on the knee of the gosh darned Pater Familias fifty years ago or maybe a little more. My father is wearing the same shirt as he was in another photo I published a few times before, but our facial expressions are different. I think he was whistling, and the tiny version of me looks both pleased and surprised to hear soprano notes coming from a source I had previously categorized as a bass-baritone.

When I get in a mood to count my blessings, near the top of my list is my relationship with my father. It's a cliche of modern dramas that adults will love their mothers and have a hard time with their fathers, and I know more than a few people in real life who follow that pattern. Beside the fact that I love my father, I actually like him as well, and I have strong evidence the feeling is mutual.

I don't know which of us brought it up first, but my father and I are in agreement that if religion and politics are not safe topics of conversation with strangers, one of the safest topics is talking about products you like at Trader Joe's.

Have you noticed that people shopping at Trader Joe's seem a little happier than folks in other supermarkets in the same neighborhood?

My dad recommended a new cheap beer at Trader Joe's called Simpler Times Lager. Here in California, a six-pack of cans is $2.99 before tax, tip and dealer prep, which is a heck of a bargain. Also, it's 6.2% alcohol rather than the 5% or so in the national brands, so I find that two beers feels just about right, which keeps me from reaching for Beer Number Three, which I really don't need, thanks very much.

I went to some of the beer snob websites to see what they think, and the general opinion is very similar to the wine snobs' view of Two Buck Chuck. Not great, but good, better than the national brands that cost way more, so... such a deal!

My dad loves a great deal. Other folks are glad to talk about getting bargains during hard economic times such as we are experiencing. Loving a bargain is a recession proof part of my dad's psyche. The family gives him good natured grief about this, but I'll admit this is one of the personality quirks about him that makes him a likable guy as well as a lovable one.

Thanks for the tip, papa.


CDP said...

If either of my children write or think about me in a similar spirit 40 or so years from now, I will consider myself very blessed.

Margaret Benbow said...

Matty Boy, You've expressed these feelings about both of your parents. You must come from good blood.

Distributorcap said...

i love that beer!

and our dad sounds terrific

Distributorcap said...

i meant YOUR dad - i dont think you are my long lost brother