Friday, August 7, 2009

Random 10, 8/7/09

Mansize Rooster Supergrass
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow The Soggy Bottom Boys
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion The Kinks
Mack The Knife Nick Cave
I Shall Be Released The Band
Isn't It A Lovely Day Fred Astaire
Everybody Plays The Fool The Main Ingredient
Beware Louis Jordan
MacPherson's Lament Raphael Boguslav
It's My Fault, Darling Professor Longhair

Nice and mixed up this Friday. Not all rock and soul music, but good examples of both genres make their appearance. I was really hoping for 9 of 10 from the You Tubes, but these particular songs by Louis Jordan and Professor Longhair didn't show up. I was dead solid certain there wouldn't be any Raphael Boguslav. I found his fifty year old album on eBay a few years back, and you can't find it on iTunes or The You Tubes. He was criticized for not being "authentic", since he's a son of Russian immigrants singing old folk songs from the British Isles and early America, but I've never heard a version of a song he recorded that I liked better when someone "authentic" sang it.

Farewell, ye dungeons dark and strong,
Farewell, farewell to thee,
MacPherson's kind shall now belong
On yonder gallows tree.

Have a nice weekend.

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