Monday, August 31, 2009

Random 10+1, 8/30/09

[BTW, I'm going to be doing Random 10 posts on Monday until the end of the year due to my work schedule. For Friday Random 10 lists, go visit Padre Mickey.]

Dimming Of The Day Bonnie Raitt
Castles Made Of Sand Jimi Hendrix Experience
Baby I Need Your Loving The Four Tops
You Can't Hurry Love Diana Ross & The Supremes
Lucky Ball and Chain They Might Be Giants
Bad Girl Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Only You Yaz
The Seventh Son Mose Allison
They All Laughed Fred Astaire
Brick Ben Folds Five

I got all grumpy in the comments section over at Padre Mickey's for someone posting a Random 10 with no song recorded after Nixon left office, but I barely did better myself this week. Even the first artists on the list who started recording after I left high school, They Might Be Giants, sound an awful lot like Rick Nelson during his country period on this track. I do still love the Yaz tune, one of the best things to come out of syntho-pop and I like the change-up triple play at the end, Mose to Fred to Ben.

Bonus Track: Under Pressure Queen and David Bowie

I felt the Ben Folds tune was good, but I wanted to quit with a song with a little more beat, so in come Freddie and David and that great bass line. Someone should sample that and make a rap tune. It could be a hit even if the guy can't rap.

Oops, too late.



CDP said...

Three Motown in one Random 10! What are the odds? (see, I ask the math professor "what are the odds?", knowing full well that you might actually tell me).

Matty Boy said...

It's less than 1 chance in 200 for me to get three or more Motown tunes if the random shuffle is truly random with every song having the same probability of being chosen.