Saturday, August 22, 2009

A small Egyptian god

Yesterday, I was allowed into the presence of a small Egyptian god whose priests and supplicants have decided to address by the respectful name of Tiger. When I arrived, Tiger was waiting with godlike patience for an acolyte with the position humans call "cleaning woman" to construct the perfect altar at which a god can be worshiped and adored. This "cleaning woman", a cheerful human named Cindy, has an Egyptian god of her own, though none dare claim to be as majestic as Tiger, and so she understands the correct level of deference to be shown the divine who walk the earth.

As you can see, a perfect throne has majesty and symmetry. It can also double as a hidey hole, you know, just in case a god feels like retreating from the constant adulation of lesser beings.

Some lesser beings are very skilled at adulation, and a god will allow them in his presence. As we can see in this picture, Tiger is very petite for a god, which may be due to being only a few months on this physical plane. Tiger does not have the big head or eyes that gods have in that larval stage when humans call them "kittens", and it seems likely Tiger will never grow so large that he will be able to kill and devour humans as meals, as his name obviously implies. But only the most foolish of humans would mistake this lack in physical stature for a lack of divinity which must command respect and fealty.

I thank both Tiger and his head priest sfmike for allowing me to meet his worship. I apologize humbly for not turning off the flash on my new camera, as I sometimes forget to do. In the last picture, we can see that a god's eyes are truly as dark as the sky at night, instead of shining like the sun as they do in the first two pictures.


¡Karlacita! said...

All hail the beautiful kittah!

I luvz heem!

namastenancy said...

Cats were gods in Ancient Egypt; they've never forgotten it and so, it seems, have their worshipers.
Darling kitten and a great great post!

Margaret Benbow said...

Topaz eyes and bronze-gold fur AND the kitteh also has the nice big ears of a good mouser!

Anonymous said...

Better invest in Temptation stock.

sfmike said...

Really nice pics. Thanks.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Mike. It was my pleasure to meet your latest addition.

dguzman said...

Lucky are you who bask in the glory of the kitteh!

Niblet says, "Ahem. I can think of a god more glorious than any kitteh: ME!" All hail him.