Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The thanks of a (mostly) grateful nation.

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, journalists for Al Gore's San Francisco based Current TV, have been released from a North Korean prison due to the efforts of former President Bill Clinton.

I commend Mr. Clinton for this successful act of diplomacy.

You would have to be an idiot and a churl not to do so.

Enter, stage far right, John Bolton, idiot and churl.

As we know from the last eight years of diplomatic incompetence, successful negotiations and positive outcomes are beside the point. The first and most important thing is that we negotiate from a position of strength.

The Bush Administration was in a position of strength when it applauded the overthrow of Hugo Chavez' elected government in 2002. Who knew it would only last a weekend? Clearly, that was one of those unknown unknowns Donald Rumsfeld warned us about.

From our position of strength, we saw Hamas win the Palestinian elections. We negotiated from strength when we talked Israel into invading Lebanon, letting Hezbollah score points for humanitarian relief. Our position of strength worked great dealing with the Russians in Georgia and Ossetia.

Remember when the Chinese took one of our spy planes apart and finally returned it to us when they were damned good and ready? Clearly we were in a position of strength.

Just as the Republicans don't look very good on economic issues, the Bush administration has shown how weak their ideas are when it comes to keeping our country and its citizens safe.

The party is a distinct minority and the base is showing itself to be either psychotic or racist, sometimes both. I'm all for bipartisanship as soon as we get back to having two parties, not one party of negotiators and another so-called party that is little more than a gang of cry-baby lunatics.


CDP said...

VERY well said. My very good, very conservative friend actually greeted me today with "well, thank God for Bill Clinton, and I don't say that often". No, she doesn't, but she's gracious enough to acknowledge success even if it't the success of a Democrat.

namastenancy said...

Well said, as always. As so often, you are the voice of reason and logic. The right wing screamers are already yelling that the "reality" behind the scenes was messy. Well, DUH! What do you expect when you negotiate with a paranoid dictatorship? At least those two young women won't have to spend the next decade in a North Korean jail - they may have been foolhardy but they sure didn't deserve that fate.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party has been reduced to Mob Violence. We see it on TV at all the town hall meetings. They are thugs. We need to remember that once we clean up their mess, Never, I say Never! let them back in again. God bless Bill Clinton.