Friday, September 25, 2009

The apostrophe posse.

You may already have seen this on websites with about a jillion times more traffic than mine, but from what I understand, having me put it here makes it "viral".

You know, like swine flu.

Let's review.

Greta Van Susteren has had bad and obvious plastic surgery.

She works on Fox News.

She's a Scientologist.

People working for her in the advertising department are serious morons.

Doesn't this mean that every human on the planet has cause to hate her?

I know that some people have problems with its and it's. People typing loose when they mean lose or vice versa is very common. Their, there and they're were put on this earth to trip us up.

But get's?


You have to work hard to make that mistake. Is it short for "get is"? No, that's completely silly. Is there something that belongs to the "get", and so it needs a possessive? Get is obviously the verb in this sentence and not a noun, so it's a little hard for it to take on the possessive form.

San Francisco columnist Herb Caen used to have items where he would "call the apostrophe police", usually for grammatically incorrect signs put in store windows. Mr. Caen is gone now, so I have deputized myself into an ad hoc apostrophe posse. We are planning to make a citizen's arrest.*

*(Note the correct use of the apostrophe in the word "citizen's". Nothing gets by Matty Boy.**)

**(Actually, things do get by Matty Boy, but never something this obvious.)


Splotchy said...

Maybe the mistake was intentional, like a LOLGreta or something.

CDP said...

That actually hurts my eyes. Not Greta, but the misused apostrophe. The only thing worse than misused apostrophes is quotation marks used for emphasis.

Matty Boy said...

Just making sure, CDP. I used the quotation marks several times in this post, but I was either quoting someone or in the case of "viral", I was being ironic.

If this is the stuff that irritates you, I'd be willing to change.

47th Problem of Euclid said...

That suck's.

Anne said...

And to think that yesterday was National Punctuation Day!

Anonymous said...

I missed it but that's a case of how many people read. Someone put out a paragraph all jumbled letters and wowie, most readers could make sense of every sentence. That's where we are heading, I'm afraid. As for Greta, I thought she was ghosting a book for Sarah Palin . . . no? or should that be Know? as in do you know?

Matty Boy said...

I haven't heard about the ghostwriting stuff. She's definitely been able to get interviews with Palin, but I know of no closer relationship.