Friday, September 18, 2009

Artists, the Internets and my obsessions.

It should come as a surprise to no one that I go searching for pictures on the Internets of the stuff of which I am inordinately fond. This illustration of Indira Varma was done by an artist named Euan MacTavish. The hair and earring look like what she wore in a particular scene from Rome, where she and her husband are invited a much swankier party than they are used to attending.

This photo mash-up is credited to Bob Tokyo. A lot of giant woman collages focus on scenes of destruction, but I'm not very fond of that concept in general. I like this one, though, in part because of the color matching and in part because she's got a nice hinder. If I have any misgivings, some work should have been done so that she cast a shadow on the building. This would have been tough because the main light source on the model looks like it comes from the right, while the sun in the picture of the building is obviously just off camera to the left.

This falls into the category of "Beggars can't be choosers". While the options of My People have improved with the expansion of the Internets, we still qualify as beggars for the most part.


Margaret Benbow said...

You wouldn't be thinking about her nice hinder if her gunboat feet were squashing YOUR balcony!

Matty Boy said...

You have a point as far as I'm concerned, Margaret, but some of My People have dreamy dreams about big old gunboats squashing balconies.

Go figure.