Monday, September 14, 2009

Better Than Nate.

So what would possess you, a mild-mannered math professor, to compare yourself to Nathan Fillion?

That's a fair question, hypothetical question asker.

True, he's younger than I am and a few inches taller. He's been the star of several TV shows and had featured roles in major motion pictures.

Some might call him handsome, if you go for that lanky, square jawed look with a natural boyish charm.

Did you know he dated Tricia Helfer for a while, that long, cool drink of water who played Number Six on Battlestar Galactica?

I'll admit it. I did not date her.

Okay, he's younger, richer, more famous than I am, with more notable success with the honeys. Besides the ability to classify simplicial complexes, how can I think of comparing myself to Nathan Fillion?

If you believe the lyrics of the songs in Commentary! The Musical, Nathan was jealous of his co-star in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Neil Patrick Harris. Nate felt it was unfair that NPH should get more songs and screen time just because Neil played the title character and had starred on Broadway. On the commentary soundtrack, Fillion sings Better Than Neil, putting forward the arguments claiming his superiority over his more successful castmate.

One of Nate's strongest arguments was that he had the high score on Ninja Ropes Extreme, a phone app game that several people enjoyed during the downtime of the shoot.

119.7 yards.

What's Matty Boy's best score?

132.6 yards.

Suck it, Fillion.

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Margaret Benbow said...

You say of Nathan Hillion, "Some might call him handsome"...ahem, yes, you've got that right Matty Boy! In fact probably most women who saw him beat back the evil Reavers in the *Serenity* movie would want to have his baby.