Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's finding that first joke that matters.

You recognize the President and the First Lady in this picture, no doubt. The real question is obvious. Who is the woman in red?

She is Chantal Biya, first lady of Cameroon. You may have seen her before. If so, it is unlikely you forgot her.

There are uncountably many jokes that could be made here, and I say that as a mathematician. The problem is that there must be a correct first joke.

If I make a correct first joke, it opens the door for others to make their clever comments. The ball rolls and rolls and much merriment ensues.

My problem is simple. I don't know the right first joke. I know who would know the right first joke every time, but alas, she is gone.

I miss Princess Sparkle Pony.


Lockwood said...

Ru Paul: She's tan, rested and ready.

Matty Boy said...

There's some speculation that Chantal is a Beyonce impersonator from the year 2040, but if someone has figured out time travel, this seems a very frivolous first use of the technology.