Monday, September 28, 2009

A little bragging and a lot of surprises.

I have some topics in the real world I want to discuss, but I woke up this morning to some stats from the blog that I found remarkable.

I have now been blogging for two and a half years, almost every day except for a few short breaks. According to Sitemeter, the software that keeps track of my website's statistics, these past seven days have been the most popular week in Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do history. There wasn't one colossal day among a bunch of average days, but instead, more than 400 people stopped by every day, with 600 stopping by on Sunday. For most of this year, I have been averaging about 300 visitors a day, This was going to be a very good week even before the significant traffic increase on Sunday. The weekends are often the slowest days, so this was a surprise on top of a surprise.

The cause as far as I can tell is that the gods of Google have smiled upon this place. People searching for stuff, all kinds of stuff, are stopping by to look at pictures. You might think it would be My People looking for pictures that further Our Agenda, and there is some of that, but not much more than usual. The Wednesday Math feature is getting more people looking at the archives, but not that many more.

The big difference this month, on its way to being the biggest month ever for the blog, is that scores of people every day want to find pictures of Irish Setters or Val Kilmer or The Simpsons or the globe, and they are coming to the archives of this place to find them. Regular readers will take note that I haven't made any of those topics a major priority over the past few years, not like I have with Indira Varma or lolz or even shopping at Trader Joe's.

Maybe this is my two and a half year birthday present from the Google.

Let me say thanks. Of all the presents the Google could get me, this is the one I wanted most.

Besides keeping track of how many people show up, Sitemeter also keeps track of what countries the visitors are from. There are some visitors whose Internet Service Providers are unknown to the Sitemeter software, and often the Unknown category is the second most popular, after the United States. The percentage of Yankee visitors usually hovers between 50% and 75%, but traffic was very high this morning. More than 100 people stopped by between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am Pacific time, when most of the United States is asleep. Less than one quarter of the readers were from the U.S. during that period, and for a hot minute it looked like it was possible the United Kingdom would pass the U.S. as the number one country on my list of visitors. That's never happened and it's never even been close until this morning.

I have two metablogging posts "planned" for this year. I hope my 200,000th visitor of all time will show up this year, and with some luck I hope that the total for 2009 will be more than 100,000 visitors. Barring something unforeseen and unfortunate, the first of those two events should happen before Halloween, and I might see the second milestone happen around Thanksgiving.

This last week was unforseen but fortunate. If this keeps up, who knows? Maybe Matt Drudge will realize he can't compete with Matty Boy and I will become Matt #1 on the entire Internet!

And maybe pigs will fly.


CDP said...

Awesome! I'll be watching for both milestones. I visit almost every day, so I'm doing my part, and I'm not even one of Your People (although I do not have any objection to Your Agenda).

Matty Boy said...

Thank you, CDP. There are My People and there are My Blog's People. There is some overlap, but I'm glad the second group includes people who aren't in the first.

I'm willing to admit my weirdo-ness, I just don't want it to be my defining trait.

namastenancy said...

You have always been Matt #1 in my book. Matt Drudge - who's that?
Plus, well, I enjoy Your Agenda. My focus may be a bit different but gorgeous tall women - what's not to like?

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm thinking part of the increased traffic is because Delia has mentioned your support and concern for her. And anyone who helps Delia is worth checking out.

Nope, I've never met her...just read her blog.

Anne said...

Who is Matt Drudge? Quite!