Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One princess too few.

(photo by Jeff Goulding/Hudson Valley Times Herald Record)

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and his wife Princess Maxima were on hand in New York for a 400th anniversary of something or other, and there were plenty of pictures of the royal couple from many news outlets. Here, the Dutch royals are chatting amiably with cadets at West Point.

(photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Princess Maxima isn't exactly the dutch Ursula Plassnik, since she stands a "mere" 5'10" tall, but she does have an exciting concept of what is fashionable. Wearing unapologetic multi-inch heels, she makes Mayor Bloomberg look like a wee, wee mannie indeed.

Of course, these aren't the sort of pictures that really belong on this blog. This is a prime example of something Princess Sparkle Pony would have done a much better job with than I ever could. PSP would have had funnier captions and probably chosen better pictures from the many news outlets available.

I miss Princess Sparkle Pony.


Zoey and Me said...

When I first saw these pictures in my blogger buddy alert I thought you were taking a shot at it. I couldn't wait to get here. I miss the Pony too.

Margaret Benbow said...

Maybe Princess Sparkle Pony will change his mind and come back. Maybe he'll be the Brett Favre of bloggers. I hope so.

Fran said...

Wee wee mannie.

Oh my, oh my.

Matty Boy said...

z&m: I'll never be the Pink Pony, and I am resigned to that. I did give the exact credit for photos on this, in honor of Our Favorite Princess.

Margaret: I get the feeling The Princess is more like the Greta Garbo of bloggers than the Brett Favre.

Fran: There was a children's book called The Wee Wee Mannie And The Big Big Coo, where coo is some Scottish version of cow.

For the most part, all I do is steal from the best. The Princess, on the other hand, was one of The Best from whom I stole.

Sleepless in NJ said...

I believe it was 400 years ago that Henry Hudson "discovered" Manhattan. But it was the Dutch how closed the Deal with the Indians.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Damn that pony.

rptrcub said...

OK, what's with the ruffled neck?