Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random 13, 9/20/09

Águas de Março Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina
The Ladies Who Lunch Barbara Walsh
Coolsville Laurie Anderson
Daddy's Little Girl The Mills Brothers
Sardonicus UB40
Beginner's Luck Fred Astaire
So It Goes Nick Lowe
I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling Fats Waller
Bushfire The B-52's
In Germany Before The War Randy Newman
Pretty Women Alan Rickman & Johnny Depp
Knickerbocker Fukiya & Miyagi
Waterloo (English Version) ABBA

Last night, I consolidated the songs I had stored on my laptop with the stuff that sits on the desktop computer that is now my main machine, the gracious gift from my friend Alan Ponder earlier this year. I sorted the music by number of times a song has been played, and I only chose tunes that iTunes told me had never been played before on the new machine. Since I had forgotten a Random 10 this month, I decided to make this one a Random 13 instead.

11 of 13 are found on The You Tubes this week. There's actually a version of Bushfire, but it's an awful live version. The list is full of live versions, including Tom & Elis in the studio, Barbara Walsh on stage, Nick playing live with Rockpile, Fats Waller playing a brilliant medley of solo piano tunes, and ABBA playing Waterloo live at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, taking home the prize for Sweden for the first time. I went to look at the tunes that have won the Eurovision Contest, and ABBA's tune is the only one out of the fifty plus songs that I know. There are some artists I know, but for truly world famous songs, it's pretty slim pickings.

And one final word: I have Knickerbocker on my computer because of a recommendation by the one and only Princess Sparkle Pony. As sorry as I am that she won't be blogging anymore, I am glad she decided to leave the website up for people to reference. Still some of the funniest stuff I've seen on the web.


Fran said...

Wow - what a list, I am loving this.

I have an ipod mix of about 25 different versions of one of my favorite songs ever... Aguas de Marco.

And The Ladies Who Lunch - I love my Elaine Stritch version.

So much good stuff here, thanks for the random 13 and thanks for gracious gifts of all sorts.

namastenancy said...

Awesome list!

Padre Mickey said...

Hey! I hadda B-52's selection this week ¡tambíen!