Monday, September 28, 2009

Real and fantasy football updates - Week 3

This week, Frank Summers did not suit up for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't know how the pro football contact works, so I don't know if they even have to pay him.

Football is a vicious business model put on top of a vicious game.

The good news/bad news is that Frank's replacement was injured in the first quarter. We'll see if he makes it back into the line-up next week.

On the fantasy football front, the Mutant Mercenaries were the worst team in the league yet again, so of course we lost. Our opponent, Ashley Shaffer BMW, was the eleventh best team in a twelve team league.

How can you possibly win when you stink that bad? Play my team, of course.

Last week, the Mercenaries were the worst in the league because players underperformed. This week, the team was bad because of coaching decisions.

The high profile change, benching Tom Brady and putting in Joe Flacco at quarterback, worked like a charm. It was the changes with less star power, benching the Browns' D'Qwell Jackson on defense and the Texans' troubled wide receiver Jacoby Jones that turned out to be disasters, most especially Jones. Jacoby got a $5,000 fine for fighting and the announcement of being found guilty of a DUI this week. He went out and scored 31.8 points in fantasy football, far outstripping any wide reciever the Mutant Mercenaries put on the field this week.

Coach Omar Little has taken the blame for the loss, though the decisions were reached jointly between the coach and the ownership consortium, which includes Matty Boy and Hypothetical Question Asker.

"It's on me, yo. I did wrong." Coach Little said to reporters.

As the owner, I have to say that Omar Little is a stand-up guy, especially for a stick-up artist/cocksucker.

You have to respect that.

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