Friday, September 4, 2009

Really cute or way too cute?

I found this picture yesterday trolling around the internets. The story comes from the U.K. paper The Daily Mail. Apparently, the chimp Anjana has been really good with orphaned cats, and Sierra the puma is just the most recent. Anjana feeds the kitteh from a bottle and knows how to use baby wipes. Pretty gosh darned cute.

But if I add this video from The You Tubes of stuffed animals playing a ukulele version of Walk, Don't Run with lyrics in Japanese, we have obviously ventured into the way too cute range. For many reasons, this made me think of my close personal bud Padre Mickey.

Have a cute weekend, but it's probably better if it's not quite this cute.


Distributorcap said...

never too cuter

Dr. Monkey said...

Way too cute.

Margaret Benbow said...

Really cute. And the puma won't necessarily try to eat up the chimp mommy in a few years. There's a great video on YouTube which shows the reunion of a human couple with the lion they'd cared for when he was a cub, and then released into the wild. It was years later and they approached him very cautiously, but the lion showed huge delight, reared up and hugged them and wanted to play. So hopefully the puma will go THAT route.

dguzman said...

I think I just got a cavity. But I loved it.