Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stunned by competence.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You look at the list of music on your computer and think, "I feel a lack of Desmond Dekker-ness. My Toots & the Maytals levels are dangerously low!"

Of course you have.

This is why the little baby Jebus invented iTunes.

So I went over to the iTunes store, picked four songs I couldn't live without and they began to be sent to my computer for about a dollar a tune, which by 2009 standards seems like a pittance.

Except... it didn't work.

Technically, it worked half way. Pressure Drop and (007) Shanty Town got to my computer just fine. But 54-46 Was My Number and Time Tough... not so much. The connection was busted by something. They didn't download, they weren't in the available download bin.


So I sent off an e-mail to iTunes 'splainin' the problem last night and I got a response this morning. Some guy named Curtis who is supposed to be a 9-5 weekdays guy worked hours he didn't have to work and told me step by step how to get the tunes that got lost in the system.

Thanks, Curtis!

For those of you unaware of Toots Hibbert, or those who just haven't listened recently enough, here he is with a track off the seminal Funky Kingston album, backed by the smokin' Maytals telling you how to get through when Time Tough.

Which they are.


Padre Mickey said...

Sweet an Dandeh!

Utah Savage said...

Very nice.

namastenancy said...

If you ever feel the need to search out more soul downloads, check out:
Every Monday, he posts a new track to download. I've heard some fabulous music that I would never have listened to otherwise. The tracks are in mp3 format and when you play them, automatically load into your iTunes folder. At least, they do with mine.

Fran said...

Toots! Excellent, most excellent!

Songs for that price are great, but getting help that quickly and clearly is, pardoning the evil reference, priceless.