Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's not what your mother said last night, Trebek!

I haven't written about Jeopardy! since June of last year. I don't watch that often. I was told the rules pertaining to appearing on game shows are that you can't go on the same show twice without some special dispensation, so the bloom is off the rose for me and the game on which I won $25,550 way back in 1985.

But I did hear about Andy Richter putting a serious beatdown on the somewhat snotty Wolf Blitzer. This is the second half of the game that aired. There's video of the practice game floating around somewhere on the 'net, and Blitzer did poorly on that as well, as well as being dismissive of Richter. You can see he didn't miss everything, but he guessed incorrectly several times and paid the price. He also called Julia Child "Julia Childs" and they correctly docked him for that.

If we take into account that Celebrity Jeopardy!, like several of the special editions, is like slow pitch softball compared to the real deal, Blitzer did some solid work if his intention was embarrassing his family for generations to come. On The Huffington Post, several conservative commenters made statements to the effect of "He's on librul CNN, that's why he's so stoopid!"

Dudes. Ask a liberal. We don't consider CNN liberal. If Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow went on the show and tanked, then liberals would have to bow their heads in shame. But for us, Blitzer is just another pompous windbag who thinks he actually knows the stuff that scrolls across his teleprompter.

Kind of like a Jewish Ted Baxter.

If Wolf wants to feel a little better, he can take comfort that he is nowhere near as stupid as Sean Connery is, or at least the version of Sean Connery portrayed by Darrell Hammond. This is where this post's title comes from, as if you didn't know.


Abu Scooter said...

Oh, heavens, that Connery gag is one of my favorite SNL skits! As for Blitzer, he proved he was overrated when he appeared on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

CDP said...

I agree, the Celebrity Jeopardy is one of SNL's funniest ever sketches. Just the title of your post made me laugh.

Matty Boy said...

Reading on Wikipedia, the sketches started because Norm MacDonald wanted an excuse to do his Burt Reynolds. This means it's not supposed to be a shot at what celebrities are dumb as posts, just what celebrities the cast members were best at impersonating.

I remain unconvinced by this explanation. Until Sean Connery wins the Nobel Prize in Physics, I'm going to think he bears some resemblance to the idiot that Darell Hammond so brilliantly portrayed.

dguzman said...

I don't care what the reason was behind the SNL Celeb Jeopardy skits was--the Connery one was effing hilarious.

I'm cock of the walk!

Matty Boy said...

Hey, dg! Technically, it's more than one with Connery. In fact, there have been sixteen installments of the sketch and Hammond as Connery has been in fourteen. It started as showcase for Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds, but the sketch continued after MacDonald was fired and became all-Connery, all the time.

This is the reason it's a classic. Hammond as Connery is much, much funnier than MacDonald as Reynolds.

If Norm MacDonald ever reads this, he can suck on it. Suck it long and suck it hard.