Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The bird wins! And here's the original.

When I asked for the better dancer between the bird and the baby, the bird won hands down, even beating out those who preferred staring at Beyoncé. It turns out there are several versions of the bird dancing but the one below is supposed to be the original.

I am no judge of authenticity of these things. I half wondered if it might not be a bird making some move just once and having it looped over and over seamlessly, but the subtle camera moves would actually make that hard. Also, in this version of the bird dancing to Ray Charles' version of Shake A Tail Feather, you can hear the bird squawking occasionally, so I'm going to put my money down and say this is the original real deal.

Yay, Frostie!


CDP said...

I liked the baby!

Matty Boy said...

My sister Jenny, who loves parrots, says all those moves are definitely natural behaviors for that breed, but they have no rhythm. When you watch Frostie dancing to the actual tune, he isn't keeping the beat very well.

Still, virtuosity counts for something.

Margaret Benbow said...

What Frostie lacked in rhythm he made up for in flair and pizzazz. That spread-wing move he did was every bit as good as James Brown with his cloak. And the boppy head-twists and shoulder shimmies were great. I think Frostie had the baby-dance beat all hollow.