Friday, October 9, 2009

Boy, the world sure hates Barack Obama!

Last week, when President Obama made a pitch to get the 2016 Olympics for Chicago, conservatives were gleeful when he failed. The Drudge Report had this huge headline.


Ha, ha, ha, stoopid Obama. The world hates you because you are librul. Stoopid, librul looser Obama! Ha, ha, ha.

This week, Barack Hussein Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe this is a better gauge of the world's feeling towards our new commander in chief.

There are some who are against it. Hamas, the Taliban and most American conservatives are on the same page hating the choice. These guys are in agreement more often than you might think at first blush.

I agree to some extent with those who think it's too early. It's true that the nomination came on February 1, not even two weeks after Obama took office, but I think he did have a major accomplishment towards the furthering of world peace.

He kicked the ass of a candidate who said it would be okay if we were in Iraq for the next fifty years. Beat him by ten million in the popular vote and by two to one in the electoral college.

Maybe you missed it. In this century, the United States took the position that we have the best equipped and trained armed forces in the world, and that means we can do whatever the fuck we want, if I may be allowed a brief lapse of my "no obscenity" policy. The greaseball who thought this was a good idea, George W. Bush, did not have a standard bearer from his administration in the 2008 election, but McCain was showing signs that he would act in much the same way.

Those guys lost and they lost big. The rest of the world is entitled if they think that's a good thing for world peace. I agree with them. I'm glad we don't have President John Sidney McCain. I'm overjoyed we don't have Vice President Sarah Narcissism Palin.

It turns out Narcissism IS her middle name. Who knew?

With all the focus on the economy and health care, it's easy to forget the two wars. The surge didn't work. It was a band-aid on a cancer. Iraq is still in trouble politically, but America doesn't have the tools to fix it. Getting out is our best option. It's probably our best option in Afghanistan as well, and I hope Obama will come around to that point of view sooner rather than later.

It would be nice if we could bring enlightenment and democracy to the world, but some of the world really doesn't want it. We don't have to go to Afghanistan to figure that out. Spending a few days in Oklahoma can drive that point home just fine.

Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Real Americans are proud of you for the accomplishment of making peace possible simply by making diplomacy and not war America's first option.


Zoey and Me said...

Take a guy who has the charisma and smarts to campaign on peace and a pull out of Armed Forces in Iraq and you have quite a motivator for all peaceful nations. I think this award goes back long before the Presidency. It was earned last year, not this year. He just happened to have won the Presidency enroute, so to speak. And when you think of the numbers of votes in this post, who else could have done this? Rush Limbaugh? Glen Beck? I don't think so. The Hate America First crowd are in for the surprise of their low lives come 2010. Good post Matty Boy!

Anne said...

Excellent post! As a non-American supporter of Obama, I initially thought the award premature. Then I re-ran all those mental videos of the nomination, the candidates and the peril in which the world teetered, and remembered: Hell, no! his candidacy and election were groundbreaking, consciousness-raising stuff.

Obama's acceptance speech was classy. Impeccable.

Congratulations, America!

Distributorcap said...


this might be one of your best posts! --- your words are so right on the money

The surge didn't work. It was a band-aid on a cancer

it sure didnt - stopping violence against americans troops is what Media is calling a victory - not the fact the country of Iraq is forever devastated and changed -- and maybe that is NOT what the Iraqi people wanted

but arrogant ameruka - well we tell people what they want.

rush nearly had a coronary on the olympics - perhaps..... i will leave it that.

Matty Boy said...

To give the surge a little more credit, it brought down violence against Iraqis for a short time as well, but that was really a partial goal. The complete goal was to make it possible for a political solution in Iraq and that's not in the cards yet.

Bush handed the Iranians a major victory for the price of a few spies like Chalabi and a piddling amount of small arms shipments. Asymmetrical warfare takes brains to win, even when playing the big boys' side, and the whole Bush administration was either too dim or too full of themselves to think anything this difficult all the way through.