Friday, October 23, 2009

Chiding will not do. CORRECTION.

When you Google "a.p. obituaries", the first website you are sent to is, which puts up an incomplete list of the a.p. obits on their site. The second choice, the Yahoo! selection of a.p. obits has many more people. A.P. did mark the passing of Captain Lou Albano last week and his obit was on the Yahoo! list. George Tuska didn't make that list.

So I'm redirecting my wrath at Another obit between Captain Lou and Soupy they didn't think was worth the electrons was Vic Mizzy, who wrote the theme songs for both Green Acres and The Addams Family, among other works.

Vic Mizzy's contribution to mankind is much more important that all the work that everybody at will ever do. I don't know if they are just too young or just too ignorant, but I'll switch to Yahoo! and have them out of my hair.

My apologies to the folks at A.P. for accusing them of the sloppy work done by the people from

Someone needs a pie in the face.


Last week, I remarked on two obits that, borrowing from the Associated Press list, didn't think were worth covering, wrestler Captain Lou Albano and comic book artist George Tuska. I am willing to concede that those two obituaries might mean more to me than they do to the average person, but can get really obscure when they want to. Water rights attorneys and losing candidates for lieutenant governor of North Carolina and the like. Pretty weak claims to fame if you ask me.

But yesterday, early TV icon Soupy Sales died and the didn't think it was worth a mention.

Shame on, and I mean deep, everlasting shame.

The best obit I have found online is from The Detroit Free Press. Soupy was a local boy made good, did his schtick on TV in Detroit before taking it to Los Angeles and the through L.A. to the rest of the country. Soupy had his puppet pals and his running gags and also, he threw and caught pies to the face. His estimate was 9,000 cream pies in the old kisser throughout the span of his career.

We won't forget you, Soupy, even if did. Maybe they need a visit from White Fang, the meanest dog in all Deeeeeeeetroit!

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dguzman said...

HOLY CRAP Soupy Sales died?


I'm with you on the wrath. Soupy Sales was an icon.