Saturday, October 24, 2009

Definitions are important.

I like craigslist. As an adjunct professor, I'm looking for work almost all the time, so I check in there to see if anyone needs a math teacher on a regular basis.

I understand there are sections on the website where you can meet people interested in intimate relations of a brief and financial nature. I honestly wouldn't know about that. I'm just looking for math gigs, and I've found a few on craiglist.

Recently, I put up an ad for a platonic activities partner, someone who might like to go to movies or play boardgames or just relax and watch a football game, that sort of thing. Some may think it's a little desperate to go to the internets to meet friends, but I've done similar things all my life with some really good results. I met Padre Mickey because I put an ad on a college radio station for bandmates. My dear friend Mina answered a personal ad I put in the Bay Guardian years ago. Through the Internets, I met two friends whose comments show up on this blog from time to time, Alan and Abu Scooter. I met sfmike in person by putting a comment up on his blog.

So, Internet friends... not that odd an idea to me.

But on craigslist... somebody needs to get these people a dictionary. Platonic is supposed to mean "no sex", and when I'm looking for a male activities partner, the "no sex" idea is more like a ironclad rule than a flexible guideline.

The good news is that these bozos make it clear what they want in the responses to the ad instead of me finding out once we meet.

The irony is that I put the ad for male activity partners instead of female activity partners because I didn't want it to be mistaken for a come on.

Silly, old fashioned me.


Margaret Benbow said...

Probably they thought Platonic meant something about Greek boys--both classical, you know.

Padre Mickey said...

That's too much!

dguzman said...

Oh dear....