Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doing the compare and contrast on The You Tubes

I like going to YouTube and listening to various versions of a song. I did this with the song entitled Sway, which is an English translation of the Spanish song Quien Sera?, which translates literally to "When will it happen?" It was recorded by a bunch of artists back in the 1950's, and this decade it's made a comeback.

For musicianship, the best version is probably Rosemary Clooney singing with Perez Prado's orchestra. Clooney has a very clear tone which doesn't get in the way of the crazy bombast of Prado's arrangement. Dean Martin also recorded it back in the day, as did Julie London, but I like this one best of the versions recorded back when the song was written.

But if we put musicianship aside and concentrate on the song itself, the best version is this snippet by Jennifer Connelly from the 1999 film Dark City. Only in the director's cut does Connelly sing it herself. In the original version shown in cinemas, Anita Kelsey does the voice, and she is a singer with more range than Connelly.

But it's a song about how dancing is like sex, and the image and the sound from this short version gets that point across much better than anything else I've seen. Connelly is supposed to be a lounge singer. Some great lounge singers don't have great voices, just the ability to inhabit a song. From the modern era, Michael Buble has recorded it, as have the Pussycat Dolls. You have my permission to ignore these.

If I may use a metaphor that will be best understood by My People, Jennifer Connelly exhibits an amazing power here with next to no effort. She knocks this song out of the park as casually as she might flick an ash off a cigarette.


Karen Zipdrive said...

My parents loved Perez Prado and played his records at all their 1960's cocktail parties.
He was sort of like Lawrence Welk with some mild salsa poured on top.

dguzman said...

holy cannoli and moly and holy quacamole...

Thank you for the Connelly clip, Matty Boy.

I'm literally having trouble typing after watching it. Wow. Wow. Wow.


I feel like I have to shake my head like a dog trying to get something off its fur or something, just to come back to myself. Amazing. That Jennifer Connelly--I've been in love with her since seeing her in "Seven Minutes in Heaven."