Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fantasy football update - Week 6

In my fantasy league, I took as my first pick, the fourth pick overall in the league, quarterback Tom Brady. This goes against most fantasy football experts' view of the importance of players. The idea is that the absolute best running backs and wide receivers are much better than the fifth or sixth best players at those positions, so grab those guys first. My idea was that Brady in 2007 had one of the greatest years ever for a quarterback, both for his own stats and leading his team to a perfect 16-0 regular season record. In 2008 he was injured very early in the season and never played again. I hoped that this year he would be healthy and return to form.

In the first five weeks, Brady was just an average quarterback and it looked very much like a wasted a pick. In week 6, he was on fire, the best fantasy player in the league regardless of position. He threw six touchdown passes before he was benched in the third quarter and the Patriots won 59-0 against the hapless Tennessee Titans in a freak October snow storm in New England. He also lead my team, the Mutant Mercenaries, to the highest fantasy total in the league this week and a comfortable win by more than seventy points.

Sadly for the family honor, I was the only one of my blood relatives to win this week. My nephew Adam's team, KennyPowersIsGod, ran into the second best team in the league, the so far undefeated Golden Domers. My brother Michael, who was calling his team Hornets in honor of our mutual high school alma mater Alameda High School, was the lowest scoring team in the league, and has changed the team name to Bob's Dumb Boy. Keep the chin up, bro, better days are coming.

Next week, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots play against another struggling team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game is being played at Wembley Stadium in London. A lot of the regular season games played in Wembley have been lackluster performances, but I hope Tom can put an end to that streak.

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