Monday, October 26, 2009

Fantasy football update: Week 7

This week, the Mutant Mercenaries were the fourth best team in the league. Unfortunately, our opponents were the second best team in the league, so we lost and the record is now 3-4. We are mere percentage points out of the playoffs with six weeks remaining.

Last week, I was the only one of my blood relatives to win. This week, I was the only one to lose, as both my nephew and my brother made it in to the win column. Adam's fiance Liz still has one of the two undefeated teams in the league, but they go head to head next week, so that has to change. Also next week, it's brother against brother, so somebody related to me (which would include me) has to win. It's like the Civil War or something. You can almost hear the violin and banjo in the background, while Sam Waterson reads an incredibly well-written letter from a soldier writing to the wife he fears he will never see again.

"My darling Sarah..."

Wait a second. It's just a damn game on the Internet! Ain't nobody gonna die. I've got to get a grip on myself.

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