Monday, October 12, 2009

Fantasy football updates - Week 5

Here is the smiling face of Michael K. Williams, the actor that plays the fictional character Omar Little, the head coach of my fantasy football team the Mutant Mercenaries. We were the ninth best team in a twelve team league. Our opponents were the tenth best team, so we won.

This is why Michael/Omar is smiling.

I did everything I could to out-think myself this week. Anyone who was questionable or doubtful I benched. I went out and did some research and picked up the new number one receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Mohamed Massaquoi. The Browns completed 2 of 17 passes, Mohamed caught the longest one. That makes him number one! It also meant he sucked at fantasy football.

As for the blood relatives in the league, my brother's team lost yet again, running into the second best team in our group, while my nephew, who is also league commissioner, won again. The leader of the league is my nephew's fiance. It's much too early to suspect widespread fraud and collusion.

Omar has some very simple advice for his owner this week.

"Loyalty, yo."

I'm working on it, buddy. See how we roll next week, facing Nurse Rachett Baby, who is currently at 3-2, but riding a two game losing streak.

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