Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is is they wouldn't believe me™? Or it is YOU wouldn't believe me?

Some longtime readers might remember the surprised woman with the pixie haircut as the sign that yet another episode of They Wouldn't Believe Me™ is about to come your way. The idea is that I send messages back to the past, maybe thirty or forty years ago, and the general public of the day would be shocked and surprised.

Well, this one is a little different. I'm going to tell a story from my past, and the people who will be in disbelief are you, my gentle readers.

Disbelief may not be quite the word. Think of this as reality written by some incredible hack. If you ran across the character I am about to describe in a novel, you would probably think, "I'm going to stop reading now, because I no longer think this story is in the hands of a trained, competent professional."

Back when I was in the video game business, the company Activision was founded by a group of video game designers and a record company executive. They got venture capital from several sources, including a famous venture capitalist named...

Dick Muchmore.

You might think I am making this up.


Of course, it would be natural to blame his parents. But, a more mature person might go by the name Richard or Rick. Even Rich Muchmore wouldn't be quite so obvious.

But no. He was Dick.

And now you know why the woman with the pixie haircut is making that particular face.


CDP said...

As Bertie Wooster put it, sometimes there's some raw work pulled at the baptismal font. Dick Muchmore. Wow.

Matty Boy said...

Any time someone quotes Wodehouse to me, I feel like I have done my job.

Anonymous said...

He actually was only called Dick by his close friends; his name was Richard Muchmore. You are immature.

Matty Boy said...

I wasn't a close friend, but he was introduced to me as Dick. And I don't exactly see how only his close friends calling him such a pathetically childish nickname makes me immature.