Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real and fantasy football updates - Week 4

Sadly, this will be the last real football update of the season.

Frank Summers, who was removed from the Steelers' roster last week, has been announced as on the injured list for the rest of the season. Best wishes to Frank on his recovery and I hope he returns to health next year and gets another chance, if not with the Steelers then with another NFL team.

In fantasy football, the Mutant Mercenaries were predicted to be the worst team in the league by the computer rankings, but instead were sixth out of twelve. We had the misfortune of running into the number one team this week, Rexless Bears, and so we suffered another defeat. No shame in that. Our record is now 1-3.

In better fantasy news for my blood relatives in the league, the second best scoring team in the league this week was my nephew Adam's squad, KennyPowersIsGod, which improved to 2-2. Also, my brother Michael's team Hornets was the third best scoring team in the league, so he got his first win and is now 1-3, the same record as the Mutant Mercenaries.

In consultation with head coach Omar Little, management of the Mutant Mercenaries is in agreement across the board. The watchword of the week is... trade bait.

More details next week.


Abu Scooter said...

I know the feeling, bro. I've finished in the top half in scoring three times so far -- the top third in Week 1 -- yet I'm mired at 0-4. Jerome Harrison (RB-Cleveland) was a big pickup for me, so try to grab him.

Matty Boy said...

My brother has Harrison on his team. I'll see if he feels he needs anything.