Thursday, October 8, 2009

White people doing the terrorist first bump.

Yes, it's true. Even white people with no interest in bringing down our way of life can be seen doing the terrorist fist bump. This particular melanin challenged duo are Jeremy Smith and Jennifer Hubbard, parents of my niece Holly Smith, giving each other acknowledgment on the day of their daughter's wedding.

Yes, they finally got their adorable daughter married off. Mission accomplifinished!

We normal people have no idea the troubles and tribulations the completely adorable must endure on a day to day basis. Here, the bride Holly and her adorable friends Jena and Tizzie put on brave faces, hiding their griefs and cares behind dazzling smiles.

But sometimes late at night, the beautiful people get together behind closed doors to discuss all the obstacles cruel fate has placed in their way. On occasion, I have stumbled upon one of these gripe fests of the gorgeous.

And as you might imagine, it's just completely adorable.

Congratulations well after the fact to Jeremy and Jenny on the marriage of their daughter, and also to the bride and groom, Holly and Cleavon Smith. (Or is it Holly and Cleavon Smith-Smith?)

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