Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fantasy football update - Week 10

A good week for the Mutant Mercenaries, but a bad week for my blood relatives. The computer predicted a close game between my nephew and me, where he should have won by .01 points. But his team underperformed and mine overperformed, and the Mercenaries won 217.20-181.46. This completes the rock-paper-scissors trilogy in the family, where Adam beat Michael who beat me, but I beat Adam. The Mercenaries are at 5-5 and still holding on to the last position in the playoffs by a small tiebreaker amount. Adam's team, KennyPowersIsGod, is at 6-4 and currently in fifth place in the league.

My brother Michael lost the closest game of the week, 194.48-190.42, bringing his record to 3-7. Even if his team wins all three games remaining, he will need a lot of other stuff to happen for him to make the playoffs. Adam's fiance Liz lost for the first time, bringing her record to 9-1, tied for first place and assured a spot in the playoffs.

My opponent next week is the only team without a win, the 0-10 Bradshaw's Hairline. While the computer predicts a comfortable win for the Mercenaries, nothing can be taken for granted. To stay in the playoff hunt, we need at least two out of three wins in the last three weeks, and sweeping the last three games would make the chances much better.


Abu Scooter said...

Is your league split into divisions, or are you competing in a group of 12? My team is in playoff contention a 4-6, but that's partly because I'm in the tighter of two 7-team divisions.

VW = works. If you're as lucky as I've been the last month, your roster moves work!

Matty Boy said...

Just one group of 12. There are two teams at 9-1, one team at 0-10 and a whole bunch of teams bunched around .500. There is only one other team at 5-5, and my team has scored about 40 points more, so has the tiebreaker.