Monday, November 23, 2009

Fantasy football update - week 11

I'll admit it. Mistakes were made. By people who I know personally.

Technically, by people who live in my one room apartment, if you want to get picky.

Nearly every decision I made this week was wrong. With the exception of Jacoby Jones, a player I benched who actually got zero points, anyone I had on my bench would have been an improvement on any person I put in the game. Right now, my two no-brainers are QB Tom Brady and RB Thomas Jones. Past the Two Toms, it's a bunch of coin tosses and I got them all wrong.

And, oh yeah, the Mutant Mercenaries still won by a comfortable margin. This is what happens when you play the worst team in the league.

This week was a bellwether for my blood relatives. For the first time this season in the eleventh week, my brother and my nephew and I all won our games. Yay! My brother whipped his future daughter-in-law and my nephew won in the last two minutes of the last game of the week due to a strong performance from running back Chris Johnson in the closest game of the week, with the second best team in the league beating the third best.

Yay, blood relatives! Yay, me!

I am currently in the final playoff spot, and the teams that trail are at least one game behind with only two games left. If I win both games, I'm in. Anything else and my fate is very uncertain.

Ooh, exciting!

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