Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fantasy Football Update: Week 8

This week, the Mutant Mercenaries were the 11th best team in a 12 team league, and we played my brother's team, who was sixth best, so we lost, bringing our record to 3-5. As bad as that is, we are just a tie-breaker away from sixth place in the league and a shot at the playoffs.

My nephew's team won, bringing his record to 5-3. His fiance's team won, bringing her record to 8-0. While some games were relatively close, the true heartbreaker was the best team in the league this week beating the second best team, 251.36 to 251.08.

Good news for the Mercenaries is that Tom Brady's bye week is over, so he'll start at quarterback next week. Our opponent is also one of the teams in the logjam for the last playoff spot, so the match-up is crucial. Just like this week, at least one of my blood relations is bound to get a victory, as my brother's team is pitted against his son's team.

Let the era of bad feeling begin.

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