Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grumpy old guy finds something else to whine about

I don't like Thursday Night Football. I'll admit, I'm not a crazy obsessed fan, so I'm not the target market. But as a grumpy old traditionalist, I think Thursday pro football should mean Thanksgiving Day football, which means the Lions are at home and the Cowboys are at home and no other game after that. Now, there are three Turkey Day games, the last one aired on the NFL Network.


I'd like to say the game is unfair to the players, but there isn't a hell of a lot of "fair" in football. When regular Thursday night games were added to the schedule a few years back, there were complaints by sportswriters of lackluster games, but last year, a lot of the Thursday games were high scoring and close, like 34-30 or 34-31. I don't know if this was because of quality offensive play or shoddy defensive play, because I almost never watch Thursday Night Football.

Thursday Night Football is shown on the NFL Network. Last time I checked, it was a premium channel. While I like watching pro football and I enjoy seeing highlights of games recently played, there is nothing I dislike more than listening to people yap about games that haven't been played yet.

As Johnny Unitas used to say, "Talk is cheap. Let's play football."

(Unitas reference used to show my credentials as a grumpy old guy.)

If a local team is playing and the game isn't blacked out because of poor ticket sales, some local channel will carry the game. UHF Channel 44, which is Cable Channel 12 on most cable boxes in the Bay Area, will be carrying the 49ers-Bears game tonight. I will see some of the game because La Estrellita, a local bar and grill, is having a board game night tonight and they will be showing the game on TV as well.

So let's review, shall we? Thursday Night Football is unfair exploitation of workers so that an otherwise useless premium cable channel can have 24 hours of watchable original programming IN AN ENTIRE YEAR. That's right, there are eight games on the NFL Network in a season, and the rest is just meaningless yapping.

And in conclusion, let me quote my fellow Grumpy Old Guy Padre Mickey and say, "All you kids get the hell off my lawn!"


Padre Mickey said...

Uhm, as a Member in Good Standing of the Grumpy Old Mens of the Americas, Central American Division, I believe you forgot to add "an' get the HELL offa my lawn!" It is very important to always end rants with that if your want your true-grumy-old-manness to be fully expressed.

Now get the HELL offa my lawn!

wv: ronkann
Yeah, ronkann get the hell offa my lawn, too!

Matty Boy said...

Thank youse, Padre. I was trying to come up with the proper ending to this post, and all I could think of was a gratuitous visit from hypothetical question asker.

The Alter Guild visited and tacked on the proper ending.

Distributorcap said...


the NFL is one of the few properties that actually generates big ratings and the NFL knows it