Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Cos all the cool kids are doing it.

While I have expressed my displeasure with Padre Mickey over his odd religious war with another Anglican priest, each of them trying to top the other with the largest and most disturbing collection of Truly Awful Christmas Songs, (no special link provided, too awful), this is not to say I don't still take Tips On How To Be Cool from the good Padre, because obviously, I do. His latest very cool discovery is a site called My Parents Were Awesome, a collection of pictures people have sent in of their parents back before they were parents, back when they were completely cool young people.

The site is, in a word... awesome!

Matty Boy says check it out!

(Actually, I stole that phrase from Padre Mickey as well. Still an impressionable youth, even though I am less than 400 days from joining the Complete Geezer demographic group.)

Yay, Flags Of Many Lands™!
Yay, Burundi!

While my flag coverage of every other continent is, in an word, awesome, my flag coverage of Africa is now moving from sub-standard to spotty. A few more big countries like Cameroon, Ethiopia and Chad and it could climb up to acceptable.

It's important to have goals.


CDP said...

That is an awesome site!

Distributorcap said...

kthat site was cool --- as is the picture you posted

Matty Boy said...

I'm going to visit everyday. While I posted a pic from folks that are probably a little older than my parents, the pictures of the people from the 1970s and 1980s are pretty awesome as well.

Hence the name of the website.

¡Karlacita! said...

You gotta post some pics of our parents. Handsome devils!

Matty Boy said...

I sent a pic of them together and one each of them separately. The website says it can take a few months for stuff to be posted. If and when they post the pics, which they obvs should, like duh, I will post a special link.