Monday, December 28, 2009

Fantasy Football 2009 - final update

There is still one game left in this week's schedule of real football games, but the fantasy football league I play in is all finished. The Mutant Mercenaries lost the third place game and finished out of the money in fourth place. My opponents scored over 270 points, and that is a very high number indeed. The Mercenaries scored 229.28 points, and if I had been clairvoyant and put the exactly right team on the field, I could have had more than 280 points. There's no logical way I could have put that exact combination on the field, and it obviously wasn't close, so there's no worrying about that now.

In the championship game, the Golden Domers, the team that knocked me out of contention last week, beat my nephew Adam's team, KennyPowersIsGod. The two players in the big game decided that the loser would have to fork over the cash for the championship belt, which will be available to the winner of the league each season, even more reason to come back next year.

While my readers have largely been filled with ennui reading these posts, I will be playing next year and putting up some kind of updates, possibly on the sidebar.

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