Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fantasy football update - Playoff semifinals

The six game winning streak for the Mutant Mercenaries came to an end in the semi-final round of the playoffs, falling victim to multiple lackluster performances by players in the Mercenary line-up and a stellar performance by Joshua Cribbs, who plays in real life for the hapless Cleveland Browns and is owned in my league by the Golden Domers. Cribbs ran back two kickoffs for touchdowns, one of 100 yards and the other of 103. Those two plays alone are worth 50.30 points in the league I play in (10 points for a return touchdown, 10 yards for a point, bonuses of 5 points for 100 yards in a game and another bonus at 200 yards.) The final score was 258.92 to 182.68. This same Mercenary line-up had been scoring like mad for a month, but obviously, that month is over. Congratulations to the Golden Domers and best of luck in the finals.

It is a small consolation that the Mutant Mercenaries were the second best team our of the four teams still in the hunt, since we ran into the league's best team this week. In the other playoff game, my nephew Adam's team faced 2E's Terrors. When the whistle blew at the of the last game on Monday night, Adam's team KennyPowersIsGod had lost a heartbreaker, 173.62 to 173.28. Though all games were done, the final official tallies were not in yet, and Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison, owned by 2E's Terrors, was downgraded from 2.50 points to 1.50 points, which means my nephew's team won, 173.28 to 172.62, and he will be in the finals. Kudos to Adam and best of luck to him.

So I face 2E's Terrors in the consolation game, a team that beat the Mercenaries in the regular season match-up. The winner gets $50, which is the entry fee for the league, so one of us will have had all this fun and heartbreak for free.

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Abu Scooter said...

Good luck in the third-place game!