Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fantasy football update - Week 12

The good news first. I won, my nephew won, my brother won. That's two weeks in a row and the second time this season. Yay, blood relatives!

Nephew Adam, known in family circles as The Boy, is definitely in the playoffs with a record of 8-4 with one week left. The Mutant Mercenaries have a record of 7-5 and are currently tied for 4th or 5th place in the league with just one game left before the playoffs begin. Three teams at 6-6 are fighting for that last playoff spot, and two of those teams face each other. If I win, I'm in. If I lose, I'm thrown into a nightmare morass of ifs and buts.

Sadly, my brother's team, which has fared well over the second half of the season, is out of the playoff hunt due to a 1-5 start.

My opponent next week is the team with the best record, the Golden Domers. Oddly, if the game was just about how many points you score in a season, they would be the 10th best team in the league. The Domers beat the Mercenaries in the second week of the season, but that was in a truly sucky week for my team. I like my chances in the rematch, except for one thing.

Bill Freaking Belichick.

The Patriots coach continues to make odd game calling decisions and this effects the Mercenaries because I currently have both QB Tom Brady and K Stephen Gostkowski in the lineup. Belichick went for it on 4th and goal from the 10 yard line and failed in the 4th quarter last night, when it still made some sense to kick a field goal, and that took points away from my team.

As George C. Scott, playing gambler Bert Gordon in The Hustler would say, "Belichick! You... owe.. ME... MONEY!!!"

As long as Brady is healthy, I don't have an option for QB, but I think I have to get a placekicker on a team with a sane coach. One more update next week, hopefully not the last.

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