Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fantasy Football update - Week 13

With one game left on Monday night, the playoff hopes of the Mutant Mercenaries rested on the big shoulder pads of Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis, seen here doing his impression of a Maori warrior preparing for battle. If he could get two tackles in the game, the Mercenaries would win.

There really wasn't much suspense. The worst game this year for Lewis was three tackles. As long as he suited up and played, and he always suits up and plays, the Mercenaries were in. He suited up, lead the Ravens' defense with seven tackles and that was that. It wasn't good enough for the Ravens to beat the Packers, but in fantasy football, you don't care about teams, you care about stats.

I made some mistakes this week, but the Golden Domers, my opponents and the top ranked team in my league, made some outright blunders. In our league, you are supposed to put twelve players on your roster and pick a team defense. The Domers forgot to put in his fourth defensive player and put in a kicker who was injured and did not play. I could easily have lost this game against a competent coach.

Now come the playoffs. The Mutant Mercenaries are the hottest team in the league, riding a five game winning streak, but of the other teams in the playoffs, we haven't matched up well against two, my nephew's team KennyPowersIsGod and my first round opponents, Rexless Bears. Unlike my victory over the Golden Domers to get into the playoffs, I have a very slim margin of error and need to put the most productive players on the field with at most one mistake, or two very small mistakes.

Wish me luck.


Abu Scooter said...

Your season has dovetailed nicely with mine (my team won six straight after a 1-6 start). Here's hoping you keep succeeding in the playoffs.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, buddy. Best of luck to you as well.