Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gigantic child... protege?

These people aren't romantically involved as far as we know. He's just her director.

The he is Terry Gilliam, ex-Python and director. The she is Lily Cole, actress and model. She is supposed to be 5'10" or so, but she's wearing heels and I wouldn't be surprised if there are lifts inside the heels. says he's 5'9" tall, so somebody somewhere is lying.

To quote the dear departed Mina Millett, Gilliam looks like death eating a cracker in this picture. Smiling might help. It certainly couldn't hurt. A better tailor would be a good investment as well.

A little detail I love is that tops of both of their heads come up almost exactly to lines on the wall behind them, where the upper line has to be a foot or so above the lower line.

________ You must be this tall to star in a Sony Pictures Classics production.

________ You must be this tall to direct a Sony Pictures Classics production.

Terry! We love you, but cheer up, mate! Life really could be worse.


namastenancy said...

Yeah, you'd think that standing next to such a gorgeous young woman would make him a happy man but he looks like he's just been dug out of a grave.

Matty Boy said...

One of My People sends a note that Mr. Gilliam is bending his knees drastically to make this picture look like it does.