Friday, December 18, 2009

Random 10, 12/18/09

Only Love Can Break Your Heart Neil Young
I Have Not Been To Oxford Town David Bowie
Feelin' Good Nina Simone
Caravan Van Morrison
Logozo Angelique Kidjo
Coney Island Baby Tom Waits
A Matter Of Time Los Lobos
The Lost Chord Eleanor David
Angel From Montgomery Bonnie Raitt
Hiawatha Laurie Anderson

Nice mix up this week. From The You Tubes, we get nine out of ten songs, and live versions from Neil (joined by Paul McCartney), David, Van (joined by The Band), Los Lobos, Bonnie (joined by Sarah Mclachlan) and Laurie. There were versions of The Lost Chord up on the big video site, but not this version from the movie Topsy Turvy. The only song from this century is by Tom Waits, but I don't feel like a complete old fogey listening to this, especially because the young people should be listening to this stuff and gettin' edjumacated. There's no excuse for not knowing who Nina Simone and Angelique Kidjo are, and why their music is important.


Distributorcap said...

neil young, david bowie and bonnie raitt

you cannot do much better than that

Padre Mickey said...

I remember Neil Young! We used to do "beans" together and "harp" on it later.

wv= mablins I remember the Mablins! We used to do "beans" together and . . . .