Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random 10, 12/6/09

Walk Right Back The Everly Brothers
Do The Dog Rufus Thomas
Losing My Mind Julia McKenzie
Red Red Wine UB40
Things We Said Today The Beatles
Coal Train Robberies Elvis Costello
Half Heaven Gene Pitney
The Worst Pies In London Angela Lansbury
Don't Go Yaz
The Dimming Of The Day Bonnie Raitt

Looking at this list, it's pretty obvious the person who owns the computer on which this list was made is nearly indescribably old. He probably uses phrases like "the Google" and "the You Tubes", and if he has a lawn, kids are not allowed on it. His medicine chest must look like a walk-in closet. Speaking of closets, there are two Stephen Sondheim songs on the list, so we can expect he has a thing for show tunes. He might be one of those "confirmed bachelors", if you know what I mean.

You can go on The You Tubes and listen to eight of the ten songs on the list. The Elvis Costello song is a bonus track and Rufus Thomas' Do The Dog is the original attempt to make The Dog into a dance hit. It would be a few months until Rufus figured out people would rather walk the dog than do the dog, and after that, it was smooth sailing.

Enjoy your Sunday. My day is just packed, getting on the AC Transit and going to the store to get new parts for my walker.

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Margaret Benbow said...

No 'splainin is needed for this great list. Anybody who doubts it is just a pup.