Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Robert Downey, Jr. joins Emma Thompson and Mr. T

The Highlight Reel™ poll for Robert Downey, Jr. this decade is closed and the choice that came out on top is Always Good, no Highlight Reel™. Tied for second are two recent hits, Tropic Thunder and Iron Man. Some of his ensemble work that I enjoyed, like Good Night, and Good Luck and Wonder Boys got no votes, but given how many choices there were, that was bound to happen.

I'll admit I voted for Always Good, so I have no problem with the outcome. Other thespians who were voted in this category are Emma Thompson and Mr. T. Some anonymous person wandered by and voted for Always Sucks. I'll be happy if they stay anonymous.

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namastenancy said...

I always wonder who votes for "always sucks" when it's a good actor or actress? I guess that the temptation for some people to be mean is something they can't resist, especially when given the chance to the anonymous. I've always like RD and I'm glad that he's gotten clean and sober.