Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zero tolerance ± 20%

Last week, I was complaining about a pie chart graphic on a Fox news affiliate in Chicago. This latest bad arithmetic comes the de facto Republican propaganda arm, Fox News. These three numbers add up to 120%. Someone somewhere wanted to make a strong point, so they combined "very likely" at 35% and the not shown "likely" at 24% into "somewhat likely" 59%. One of the on-air morons, Brian Kilmeade, then added up the 59% and 35% to get 94% and made a point about that, even though the extra 26% was staring him in the puss when he did his little mental party trick.

Last month, a Fox News memo was released that showed someone at the company was actually embarrassed about the number of on-air screw ups and would institute a zero tolerance policy. If it's real, the person who made the chart should be fired, the director who put it on the air demoted and Kilmeade given a strong on-air censure and made to apologize.

Anyone want to place a bet on any of those three things actually happening?


Anonymous said...

I bet it will never happen. These goofs are intentional.

Abu Scooter said...

Sure, it will, right after Boise State meets TCU in the Super Bowl this... oh, wait, that can't happen, can it?

CDP said...

Even I, who never notice egregiously bad math unless someone points it out to me, saw immediately that those numbers add up to far more than 100%. Dumbasses. Fox, of course, not you.