Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art Clokey, 1921-2010

Art Clokey, best remembered as the creator of Gumby, has died this weekend at the age of 88 after a long illness. A younger generation might better remember Eddie Murphy's portrayal of Gumby as a cantankerous old Jewish man, with his trademark catch phrase, "I'm Gumby, damnit!" Asked about it by reporters, Mr. Clokey said he found the characterization very funny.

Personally, I found his second best known creation Davey And Goliath more memorable, much in the way nightmares are more memorable than pleasant dreams. I was not very religious as a child and was completely convinced that the devil was a human invention, but in my dreams, the voice of Goliath was clearly Satanic.

But, if God has a plan, let us stipulate that without Davey and Goliath as material, Dino Stamatopoulos would never have made Morel Orel, and this parody was funny enough to make up for a few sleepless nights I suffered through when I was a kid.

For the Lord moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Or maybe He doesn't exist and we just give mysterious motives to random events.

I'm not sure one way or the other. Just sayin'.

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